Three Idaho Senators Walk Out During Hindu Leader’s Invocation March 4, 2015

Three Idaho Senators Walk Out During Hindu Leader’s Invocation

Yesterday, Idaho State Sen. Steve Vick vowed to do all he could to stop Hindu statesman Rajan Zed from delivering an invocation. When that failed, he promised to walk out during the prayer.

So how did that pan out?

Not only did Vick walk out as promised, two other senators joined him:

three lawmakers, all Republican, only came back onto the floor once the prayer was over: Sens. Steve Vick, Sheryl Nuxoll and Lori Den Hartog.

Vick said he walked out of the Senate chambers before the prayer started because he opposes a “government endorsement” of Zed’s religion.

But government endorsement of Christianity is perfectly fine…

Nuxoll says she declined to attend because she believes the United States is a Christian nation.

Take that, Jews.

Hartog said it would’ve been disingenuous to her Christian faith to attend.

But everyone else should always bow down to her God.

How do they not see the hypocrisy here?! Are they that blinded by their faith that they’re incapable of stepping in anyone else’s shoes?!

(Yes. I know the answer’s yes.)

By the way, no one’s questioning the right of these senators to walk out. But let’s acknowledge that it’s a dick move, especially when they’re the kind of people who push Christian invocations on everyone else.

I thought Zed handled the whole situation masterfully:

“We all have different viewpoints, and that is wonderful, that is what makes our country great,” he said.

Zed said he believed members of different religions can work together toward common goals, even if they do not share the same faith.

“It is good to know about others these days,” he said. “We are all looking for the truth. If we can join our resources together, we can reach there faster.”

With that perspective, Zed should really be the person in elected office. Vick’s actions show that he clearly belongs in front of a church. Can’t they just swap spots?

I’ve seen comments online saying these senators weren’t “acting Christian.” But how many stories like this do we need to read before we figure out that “acting Christian” is often a bad idea?

(Thanks to David and Emily for the link)

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