When Back Sides Touch: In Tennessee, Churchgoers Protest Swingers Club Moving In Close-By March 2, 2015

When Back Sides Touch: In Tennessee, Churchgoers Protest Swingers Club Moving In Close-By

A church in Madison, Tennessee, may be getting a new neighbor: a swingers club is hoping to move in close-by.

The club has operated at 700 Division St. but is looking to relocate to 520 Lentz Drive in Madison, adjacent to Goodpasture Christian School, where the back sides of the two properties touch.

And the congregants know that bad things will happen when back sides touch:

A community-wide prayer meeting held at the school Sunday appealed to God and community leaders to keep that from happening.

As reported in the Tennessean, the Social Club is operating scrupulously and above-board, having obtained all but a few of the necessary documents to open. As it seeks to complete the paperwork, however, the local council may suddenly change the rules.

In an effort to block the club from Madison, the Metro Council is considering a ban on private clubs from properties zoned for office use. That issue goes before the council Tuesday night. And state Rep. Bill Beck, D-Nashville, has filed legislation that would prohibit private clubs from within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks and residences.

I guess that would include — or rather, exclude — a smokers’ club, too, or an arts-and-literature club, and so on.

The Social Club’s lawyer, Larry Roberts, finds the opposition puzzling.

He said the swinging lifestyle includes local doctors, lawyers, and firefighters. “My clients don’t have to have the same beliefs as these people,” he said. “My client doesn’t have to get the approval of the Church of Christ or the people of Goodpasture Christian School. That’s not how America is.

The Christian activists beg to differ. Having the Social Club for a neighbor would mean, they say

… a slipping away from the family, and primarily Christian, values which [the protesters] believe the majority of their community holds. …

Buck Dozier, an elder at the Madison Church of Christ, said he has heard the term “consenting adults” bandied about by supporters of the Social Club. Dozier said he finds this offensive, offensive that those supporters “chose by their consent to place this by a school.”

But that concern is nothing that a lock and some blinds won’t take care of. Maybe the congregation can even offer those items as a neighborly house-warming gift, in lieu of a plant.

If they do go for the plant, I hope it’s a fuchsia.

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