Serial Disrupter Christine Weick Strikes Again At Muslim Prayer in Oklahoma Capitol Building March 2, 2015

Serial Disrupter Christine Weick Strikes Again At Muslim Prayer in Oklahoma Capitol Building

Christine Weick is back. She’s been featured on this blog on several occasions — first for getting into an altercation about gay rights, then for trying to convince people that Monster energy drinks are the work of the devil, and finally for disrupting an interfaith service involving Muslims (where she said God had made her “temporarily invisible” despite the fact that she’d been caught on camera).

What I appreciated about Weick was that she was so wonderfully erratic — you never knew what or where she would protest next in her shrill, cockamamie way. So I’m a little disappointed that she appears to be repeating herself with her latest action.

In Oklahama City last week,

The day began like it was planned for the more than 100 Muslims. But around 2 o’clock, as dozens of them knelt down to pray, a Christian protester shouted out the Lord’s prayer, seemingly trying to drown out the Muslim worshipers.

Guess who.

“… lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory. For ever and ever. Amen. That is our message,” Christine Weick said. That message was cut short. Troopers escorted her out, saying the group of protesters did not have a permit to be inside the capitol.

Weick was unhappy, she said afterwards:

“I’m a little bit upset about this because this is something that we were told is open to the public, and we are a part of the public.”

If certain atheists or Muslims made a habit of disrupting Christian events, do you reckon they’d be arrested and charged after a while? Weick (who, we learned last year, lives in her car) pops up all over the place, in different states, so maybe that keeps her from being viewed as a repeat offender. One day, presumably, her luck will run out — and I don’t doubt for a second that she’ll call it anti-Christian persecution.

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