Bangladeshi Cops Arrest Three Islamists in Hacking Death of U.S. Atheist Avijit Roy March 2, 2015

Bangladeshi Cops Arrest Three Islamists in Hacking Death of U.S. Atheist Avijit Roy

Last Thursday, American author and activist Avijit Roy, an atheist, was slaughtered, in front of his wife, by assailants wielding cleavers or machetes. The Roys were visiting Dhaka, the capital of his native Bangladesh, for a book fair. Now, Bangladeshi police have three suspects in custody.

Three suspected Islamists were on Saturday arrested in Bangladesh in a pre-dawn raid, as authorities intensified a crackdown on extremists following the brutal killing of American blogger Avijit Roy in the capital. … “We have seized 30 grenades…it appears they (the militants) could have made some 300-400 bombs with the explosives we found at the den,” [said a] commanding officer.

The raid came two days after Roy, known for his critique of religious extremism, was hacked to death in the Dhaka University area by machete-wielding assailants who attacked the Bangladeshi-origin writer. Roy was returning from a book fair with his wife on Thursday evening when the attack occurred. His wife and fellow blogger Rafida Ahmed Banna was seriously injured as she tried to defend him.

The killing that apparently took place right in front of a police barricade … sparked countrywide protests and international condemnation.

Well, that’s good. The protests over godlessness have often gone the other way in Bangladesh. Many Bangladeshi writers and bloggers have, with good reason, feared for their lives.

Roy’s family and friends said Islamist radicals had been threatening him in recent weeks because he maintained a blog ‘Mukto-mona’ or ‘Freemind’ that highlighted humanist and rationalist ideas and condemned religious extremism. …

Police said they were investigating the involvement of Ansarullah Bangla Team, an Islamist extremist group based in Bangladesh, that claimed responsibility for the murder. In an internet posting months ago, they had said: “It is not possible to kill Avijit at the moment since he lives in the US. But he will be killed when he will come to Dhaka.”

A Twitter account in the name of ‘Ansar Bangla 7′ described Roy’s murder as an ‘achievement’, saying “A great success today here in #Bangladesh. Target is down,” while a series of subsequent tweets called the murder a punishment for his “crime against Islam.”

We see this topsy-turvy perversity time and again from Muslim radicals: Arguing against religious beliefs is literally the worst possible crime, but they easily defend hacking and slicing a person to death as an act of true virtue.

It’s a good thing that the people who share this insane attitude comprise only a tiny minority of extremists, so none of us have anything to worry about.

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