Jimmy Kimmel’s Public Service Announcement for Anti-Vaxxer Parents February 28, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel’s Public Service Announcement for Anti-Vaxxer Parents

Jimmy Kimmel had this lovely rant against anti-vaxxers the other night, lambasting them for thinking they know more than actual doctors do. And then he aired a PSA featuring actual doctors…

… Some people do not buy into [science] because they did a Google search, and Jenny McCarthy popped up, and she had clothes on, so they listened to what she had to say and decided not to vaccinate their kids.

If you are one of those people who knows more than doctors, that’s fine. No vaccinations. But you’re not allowed to go to the doctor anymore. Why would you even want to go to a doctor who knows less than you do?

By the way, you should also let your kids smoke. Why wouldn’t you? The only people who say not to are doctors, and they don’t know [anything]…

Maybe some of these ignorant parents will finally get the hint…?

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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