More Than Half of Republican Primary Voters Want to Establish Christianity as the National Religion February 27, 2015

More Than Half of Republican Primary Voters Want to Establish Christianity as the National Religion

Public Policy Polling released a poll on Tuesday identifying Scott Walker (below) as the leading presidential favorite among primary-voting Republicans. Which isn’t even the worst thing the poll tells us (and I say that as a Wisconsinite…).

While many of PPP’s questions focused on potential Republican primary candidates, some were the sort of simple queries like “Do you believe in evolution or not?” that trip up politicians like Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal. And if you’re wondering how the potential primary voters fared, well… their responses weren’t any more heartening than Walker’s “punt.”

Almost half of the 316 respondents — 49% — say they do not accept evolution. Only 37% accept the science, with 13% of respondents unsure.

The numbers are bleaker yet when it comes to climate change. A full 66% declare that they do not believe global warming is real; only 25% agree that it is.

But it’s not just climate change and biology that the Republicans polled disregarded. Turns out they’re also not keen on the separation of church and state. When asked if they support establishing Christianity as the national religion, 57% of those polled supported the idea, and only 30% opposed it.

None of this, given the Republican Party’s increasingly anti-science, theocratic bent, is particularly unexpected. But the combined and overwhelming refusal to acknowledge science while pining for an (unconstitutional) state-established Christianity should give pause — to anyone who actually values reality and religious liberty.

But I won’t hold my breath waiting on a change from the self-styled “religious liberty” party.

(via Daily Kos. Image via Gil C /

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