Hell is for Sale and the Folks Behind DAMNED Want to Purchase the Infamous Michigan Town February 27, 2015

Hell is for Sale and the Folks Behind DAMNED Want to Purchase the Infamous Michigan Town

A couple of weeks ago, Hell went on sale.

The infamous Michigan town is worth just under a million dollars. And now that it’s being sold, the people running an art show known as DAMNED want to purchase the space the build their own permanent exhibition space:

The unofficial mayor of Hell announced this month — on Friday the 13th — that he was putting all of it, including the rights to merchandise and Hell-themed slogans, up for sale for the devilish price of $999,666.

The organization known as Damned has launched an online Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of raising enough money to purchase John Colone’s holdings in the Putnam Township hamlet of Hell.

Anthony DVS, as he is known, is the leader of Damned, which hopes to raise $1,333,666 to purchase Hell and build a performance art center where events could be held year-round.

As of this writing, people have pledged about $50,000, well short of the $1,333,666 goal, but they have a few weeks to go.

So we ask you, the fine citizens of the world, to help us to unleash Hell 2.0 on Earth. There are no soul contracts to sign. No first-borns to give. We only need your pledge.

I’m shocked no megachurch is raising funds for this. A place for Hell Houses? Retreats that end with kids leaving Hell because they have Christ in their lives? Changing the town’s name to Heaven? So many possibilities…

(via Kathy Schiffer)

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