Florida Naturopath Who Treated 11-Year-Old Makayla Sault Charged with Practicing Medicine Without a License February 26, 2015

Florida Naturopath Who Treated 11-Year-Old Makayla Sault Charged with Practicing Medicine Without a License

Earlier this year, we learned that Makayla Sault (below), an 11-year-old with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, had died. Her disease was treatable with two years of tough chemotherapy and had a nearly 90% survival rate… but Makayla wanted to stop with the chemo and her Ojibwe/First Nations parents were more than happy to oblige, seeking out useless faith-based treatments instead.

Part of the problem was the Makayla was being treated by a “doctor” in Florida. Why the quotation marks?

Brian Clement, director of the Florida health spa that provided therapy to leukemia patient Makayla Sault before her death and another Ontario First Nations girl still battling the disease, has been ordered to stop practising medicine without a licence and fined for representing himself as a medical doctor.

In documents obtained by CBC News, Florida’s Department of Health says it has probable cause to believe the director of the Hippocrates Health Institute treated two children battling leukemia “with unproven and possibly dangerous therapies.”

The story of his degree is even more appalling:

Clement claims to have a doctorate of naturopathic medicine and a PhD in nutrition from the University of Science Arts and Technology (USAT), based in Montserrat.

However, USAT president Orien Tulp said, “Brian Clement, he is not a naturopathic doctor from USAT. I can guarantee that. He shouldn’t be making false claims for one. If he is, I’ll withdraw his degree.”

George Gollin, a professor at the University of Illinois who has investigated USAT, calls it a diploma mill.

“It’s horrible,” Gollin says. “I could have printed him a degree on a laser printer and it would be … just as indicative of training and skills. What I think is terrible is that he’s using this, as I understand it, to treat patients who are desperately sick children.”

This is the man who had Makayla’s life in his hands. Who used his fake credentials to give her family false hope. Who took a condition that could’ve been treated and made it even worse.

I don’t think he deserves all the blame — since, if he wasn’t an option, Makayla’s parents would’ve just taken her somewhere else — but he knowingly treated her with remedies that had no science behind it. For that, let’s hope he sees a jail cell before he hurts anyone else.

(via Raw Story. Thanks to Derrik for the link. Portions of this article were posted earlier)

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