Kootenai County Republicans Propose Resolution Declaring Idaho a “Christian State” February 25, 2015

Kootenai County Republicans Propose Resolution Declaring Idaho a “Christian State”

Because Republicans have nothing better to do and have little regard for the Constitution, the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee considered passing a resolution to declare Idaho a Christian state.

The resolution, which you can read here, states:

Resolved, That the State of Idaho is formally and specifically declared a Christian state. The State of Idaho and all its institutions will render full recognition to the Christian basis thereof, not permitting any diminution or rejection of its status nor any restriction on its presence or role in the public arena. This is to be understood as a preservation of the Judeo-Christian bedrock of the founding of the United States and is not to be interpreted as restricting the free exercise of any other religion.

That makes it sound like Christianity is somehow under attack or that Christians have it rough, neither of which is accurate. But I appreciate one of the resolution supporters making clear where the lines are drawn for the GOP:

“We’re a Christian community in a Christian state and the Republican Party is a Christian Party,” said Jeff Tyler, a member of the committee and backer of the draft resolution.

“It’s important that Christians stand up and be unashamed to say they’re Christians.”

Other committee members said they opposed the proposal, but that it placed them in a difficult position because if they voted against it they risked being unjustly labeled as anti-Christian.

So much for the Republican Party trying to reach out beyond the base. If they’re trying to alienate people who aren’t like them, I’m surprised they didn’t just go ahead and proclaim the party white and male, too.

For what it’s worth, the resolution was merely symbolic and wouldn’t have had any binding effect, though it could’ve been brought up for discussion when the state GOP considers its platform this summer.

Thankfully, that won’t happen. The resolution didn’t even come up for a vote:

More that 2/3s of the Central Committee indicated opposition to the resolution offered by Precinct Committeeman Hans Neumann. Precinct Committeeman Bjorn Handeen offered a motion, before a formal vote, not to consider the resolution at all. At least 2/3s of the 52 committee members in attendance supported Handeen’s motion.

Well, I’ll be damned. The Idaho GOP did something right. They didn’t reject the proposal outright, but at least they chose not to pass it. Maybe the same kind of people who complain about Sharia Law taking over American cities realized government should stay out of the religion business altogether.

Or it made them look bad. One or the other.

It could’ve been worse, I guess. At least they didn’t get defensive about the resolution like the mayor of Winfield, Alabama did with his similar proposal earlier this year.

(Thanks to Austin for the link)

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