An Inside Look at a German Pastafarian Congregation February 25, 2015

An Inside Look at a German Pastafarian Congregation

A few months ago, I posted about how a group of German Pastafarians were able to get the city of Templin to put up signs alerting people to their meetings:

Church sign in Templin (via Rüdiger Weida)

Now, Rüdiger Weida, the 63-year-old who founded the local “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster,” has given PRI an inside look at how his church operates:

In Weida’s church, wine and bread are replaced by beer and, you guessed it, cooked strands of spaghetti. “Amen” is replaced by “Ramen,” and at the end of the service there are exhortations of “Beer-alleluia.”

Weida told me he believes in freedom of religion, but that he doesn’t have much respect for mainstream organized religion. He is pushing for official recognition of his church to make a political statement about what he sees as the privileged position that religious organizations have in German society.

He seems to be getting under the skin of local religious leaders who think his beliefs are silly and don’t deserve the respect he’s seeking… they don’t get the irony.

So more power to Weida. He found a way to create community while mocking the spectacle of religion at the same time. That’s never easy to do but he seems to be a master at it.

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