If Your County Seal Includes a Giant Christian Cross, Then It’s Time for a Redesign February 23, 2015

If Your County Seal Includes a Giant Christian Cross, Then It’s Time for a Redesign

This is the official seal for Lehigh County, Pennsylvania:

You have a farm on the left and some factories on the right… and a giant Christian cross right in the middle.

In November, at the behest of a local resident, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent County Executive Tom Muller a letter about the illegal promotion of religion… but they never heard back.

County officials say they never received it. But they did get a follow-up letter last month and have discussed what to do about it:

Commissioners’ Chairman Brad Osborne said the board was not aware of the Nov. 5 letter until the foundation sent a follow-up letter. Commissioners were notified of the issue on Jan. 28 and held a closed-door session last week to discuss “potential litigation,” he said.

Osborne said he hasn’t read the original letter but that the county solicitor’s office has explained the issue to him and the rest of the board. He declined further comment as it is a pending legal matter.

“The county is taking counsel from the solicitor’s office on how and when to respond,” Osborne said, adding that it’s the board of commissioners that has the authority to change the county seal.

There’s no reason they can’t just redesign it. They’ll argue that the seal is part of “tradition” — but doing something wrong for a long time isn’t an argument to keep doing something wrong.

More importantly, this is a very obvious promotion of Christianity by the local government. I don’t see how they can claim otherwise. But if they want to, they’ll have to do it in court.

(Thanks to Adam for the link)

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