Girl, Possibly Just Seven Years Old, Is Suicide Bomber in Latest Boko Haram Atrocity February 23, 2015

Girl, Possibly Just Seven Years Old, Is Suicide Bomber in Latest Boko Haram Atrocity

The effort to carve out an Islamic paradise in Nigeria continues unabated. The human toll over the past six years, since Boko Haram began its slaughter, stands at 13,000 corpses and a million displaced Muslims. Every day, the count goes up — and sometimes, so does the level of depravity. It certainly did yesterday.

A girl thought to be as young as seven killed herself and five others in a suicide bombing in north-east Nigeria on Sunday. …

The attack on a market in the town of Potiskum is the latest in a string of suicide strikes in which children have been used.

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau

Nineteen people were injured in the blast in Yobe state’s commercial capital, a local vigilante leader said. “So far, five people were killed with the girl while 19 others have been taken to hospital for injuries.”

The same market was the target of two suicide bombers only last month. One of them was approximately 15. In that attack, six people were killed and three dozen injured.

Before Sunday’s strike, suspicious security guards and vigilantes said they tried to prevent the girl, whom witnesses said appeared around seven, from entering the market. “We sent her back four times, because given her age, she did not have anything to do in the market.”

“When we were screening people, she bent and tried to pass under the ropes, some distance from our view. That was when the explosives went off.”

Adding insult to injury mass murder, women and girls are now barred from entering the market, “to prevent further attacks.”

I don’t follow the reasoning here, but I suppose that’s true for most of the things we feature on this blog.

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