Atheist Billboards Go Up in Puerto Rico to Promote Upcoming Conference February 23, 2015

Atheist Billboards Go Up in Puerto Rico to Promote Upcoming Conference

Billboards sponsored by American Atheists are now up in San Juan and Ponce, Puerto Rico, to mark the upcoming conference there this August:

Translated, that reads: “We’re Puerto Ricans and we’re ChristiansWe’re ex-Christians — We’re atheists!”

“A significant part of our mission at American Atheists is building up and empowering communities of atheists everywhere, nationwide,” said American Atheists President David Silverman. “Separation of religion and government is a major problem in Puerto Rico — just this month, an unconstitutional police blockade in Santa Isabel stopped 800 cars just to hand out religious pamphlets and offer prayers from on-duty officers. We intend to foster recognition of the Latino atheist community and the need, both legal and moral, for religious neutrality in government.”

I like the image. It features local atheists and isn’t antagonistic (though I’m sure some Christians will find a way to take offense). More importantly, it reaches out to a demographic not usually targeted by atheist billboards. I’m curious to see if it’ll lead to an uptick in conference registrations.

(Image courtesy of American Atheists)

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