Two Men Were Stabbed After Giving the Wrong Answer To “Are You Muslim?” Guess How the Media Responded February 19, 2015

Two Men Were Stabbed After Giving the Wrong Answer To “Are You Muslim?” Guess How the Media Responded

A Muslim man stabbed two people at a Detroit-area bus stop the other day because he was upset that his victims didn’t share his faith.

I wonder if that crime will prompt editorial writers and much of the Twittersphere to ask whether Muslims “pose a threat to civil society.” I also wonder if the pundits will publish headlines that say “This should be a wake-up call to Muslims.”

I kid. Of course they won’t. Today’s bien pensants would never (and they’d be right). But are atheists the subject of those exact recriminations (regardless of whether the Chapel Hill murders were prompted by Craig Stephen Hicks‘ brand of godlessness)? Actually, yes. Yes, we are. Double standard, anyone?

From CNN:

The stabbings of two people at a Detroit-area bus stop began with what police said was a simple question: Are you Muslim?

Terrence Lavaron Thomas, 39, was arraigned Tuesday on assault with intent to murder, drug possession and weapons charges in the Saturday night bus shelter stabbings in Southfield, Michigan.

One of the victims, a male in his 50s, was stabbed five times in the face and neck and three times in the upper back, Southfield Police Chief Eric Hawkins said. The other victim, also a man in his 50s, was stabbed in the hand when he tried to intervene in the assault.

The two men, whose injuries were not life threatening, were treated for their injuries and released, police said. The three men did not know one another. Hawkins said Thomas asked a group of people waiting for a bus whether they were Muslim. When two people responded that they were not, Hawkins said, Thomas allegedly “became upset by that answer, saying he was Muslim and it was not acceptable that they were not.”

In the accompanying news video (see here), the police chief floats the possibility that the attacker was mentally unbalanced, adding,

I urge people to be cautious about certain conversations about sensitive subjects in certain places.

Apparently, religious affiliation is one of those “sensitive subjects” that can get the (insufficiently sensitive?) provider of the wrong answer stabbed in the neck.

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