Campaigner Against Fifty Shades Movie Claims That S&M Games Are “Brutality” — “No Woman Wants That” February 15, 2015

Campaigner Against Fifty Shades Movie Claims That S&M Games Are “Brutality” — “No Woman Wants That”

It always amazes me that busybodies like Ohio activist Lynn Stevens don’t simply say “Thanks, that’s not for me.” Instead, their goody-goody view seems to be, “I don’t like it, and other people shouldn’t either.”

Lynn Stevens has been watching in horror as her friends make plans to see Fifty Shades of Grey, a film that tells the story of a recent college graduate involved with a man who introduces her to sadomasochism. “My stance is empowering women, not overpowering women,” said Stevens, who directs We Are Cherished Ohio, a group that takes the Christian message to women who work in the sex industry.

The film… “glamorizes and glorifies domestic violence” and creates a romantic image of a man who abuses and manipulates women, she said. “And that’s not a love story in any sense of the word.”

It certainly can be to people of either gender who safely and consensually engage in dominance and submission.

By the way, have you ever heard of BDSM aficionados visiting churches or prayer groups, trying to convert people away from plain-vanilla sex? Me neither. Why does this type of meddling only work one way? Why is it OK for Stevens and her posse to do what they would find offensive if it were done to them?

From We Are Cherished Ohio‘s Facebook page

Stevens, who said she has survived domestic violence and is now in a loving relationship, believes the film sends a dangerous message to women and men alike. Women, she said, do not want to live with brutality.

Kinky bedroom games are “brutality”? We’d have to build twice as many jails if that were the case.

“The popularity of this movie will send the wrong message that this is what women want,” she said. “No woman wants that. They want to be cherished and cared for and loved.”

Rectitudinous kibitzers always believe they are uniquely qualified to speak for others. You want ice-cream, they push crackers. You want to see a movie, they’ll tell you which one.

Stevens is hardly alone:

Saying the film “borders on pornography and glamorizes abuse,” the Mississippi-based American Family Association has asked theaters not to show it.

As we’ve seen, the greatest hunger for salacious fare exists where conservatism and religion go hand in hand. The more Jesus-lovin’ the state, the more likely that advance ticket sales for 50 Shades were breaking records. According to the movie site Fandango, Mississippi led the nation (there‘s an uncommon phrase), with early ticket revenues almost four times as high as expected.

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