The Problems with the National Prayer Breakfast February 14, 2015

The Problems with the National Prayer Breakfast

Christian blogger Fred Clark explains the problems with the National Prayer Breakfast:

This is an event at which people display their patriotism by showing their disdain for the Constitution. It’s an event at which people display their piety by contradicting the words of Jesus in the Gospels. That makes the National Prayer Breakfast bad for the nation and bad for prayer.

At more than $400 a ticket, it’s probably also bad for breakfast.

Well put.

There’s no good reason for the President to continue making an appearance at this event. Just look at what happened this year. Obama got in trouble for making a statement about how religious extremism wasn’t limited to one faith at one time — effectively treating Christianity the same as other religions — and conservatives flipped out. They want their religion handled with kid gloves, even at an event promoting their faith with the help of the government.

It’s always been a bad idea. But if it’s not even a politically helpful one anymore, I really don’t get why the President should participate.

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