Hey, Kids! If You Don’t Listen in Church, God Will Kill You February 14, 2015

Hey, Kids! If You Don’t Listen in Church, God Will Kill You

Jehovah’s Witness leaders have a simple message for children: Pay attention at meetings or you will be killed… just like Noah would’ve been.

You can see it in their latest propaganda video (***Update*** 2/21/15: A new video link was added after the original video was taken down from YouTube):

I had no idea children of JW parents wore bow ties to the dinner table…

John Cedars notes:

How any parent can watch this video and find threats of death at the hands of the Almighty an appropriate, healthy tool for shaping the attitudes and behavior of their children is beyond me.

Beyond me, too. If you want kids to pay attention in church, then say something worth their attention. Threatening them with the ultimate punishment for treating your bullshit with the respect it deserves is frightening.

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