In Ongoing Religious War in the Central African Republic, Christians Are Slaying Muslims by the Thousands February 11, 2015

In Ongoing Religious War in the Central African Republic, Christians Are Slaying Muslims by the Thousands

(UPDATE: Into February or March of each year, I accidentally keep dating my checks to the year before. I seem to have done something similar with regard to this post. The fact that the Washington Post article I reference and quote below was published in early February of 2014 didn’t hit me until a kindly reader pointed it out late Wednesday night, about six hours after the post went live. In my defense, I could meekly mention the fact that the article showed up in my newsreader only on Tuesday evening, even though it clearly isn’t news. That’s because the piece, initially all but ignored, gained traction on social media in recent weeks, an odd viral phenomenon that the Post’s Adam Taylor explains here. Regardless: I should have checked the date beyond “February 7.” Any other month, or any other date after February 10, would have tipped me off to the fact that the Post piece isn’t at all current. I apologize for the flub.)


Some Christians think that they, and all Jesus lovers, can literally do no harm in this day and age (I’m looking at you, Eric Bolling of FOX News).

But of course, every day brings new evidence to the contrary.

Take the ongoing bloodbath in the Central African Republic, which I previously wrote about here. The Washington Post has the latest.

Tens of thousands of Muslims are fleeing to neighboring countries by plane and truck as Christian militias stage brutal attacks, shattering the social fabric of this war-ravaged nation.

In towns and villages as well as here in the capital, Christian vigilantes wielding machetes have killed scores of Muslims, who are a minority here, and burned and looted their houses and mosques in recent days, according to witnesses, aid agencies and peacekeepers. Tens of thousands of Muslims have fled their homes.

[H]umanitarian and human rights workers say there is more violence now than at any time since the coup. … Martine Flokstra, emergency coordinator for the aid agency Doctors Without Borders, said in a statement … that the violence had reached “extreme and unprecedented” levels.

On Friday, thousands of Muslims hopped aboard trucks packed with their possessions, protected by soldiers from Chad, and drove out of Bangui, as Christians cheered their departures or tried to loot the trucks as they drove through Christian areas. At least one Muslim man, who fell from a truck, was killed by a mob.

That’s putting it mildly. The Christian rabble went after him with machetes and hacked off a hand, a foot, half a leg, and his genitals. Their handiwork is on display in photo number 16, part of the 45-image slideshow that the Post is running alongside the story. Viewing it is very much not for the squeamish.

At present, thousands of Muslims, including many children, are huddling at the airport near the capital Bangui, hoping to be evacuated to safety in countries like Chad.

“I don’t even know Chad,” said [refugee Muhammad Abdirahman]. “But what can I do? If I stay, the Christians will use every opportunity to kill me and my family.”

Any questions, Bolling?

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