#DarwinWasWrongDay Campaign Backfires on Creationists February 10, 2015

#DarwinWasWrongDay Campaign Backfires on Creationists

Creationist Ken Ham is furious that the U.S. Congress has introduced Darwin Day resolutions in the House and Senate, not to mention a couple of states.

So instead of celebrating Darwin Day, he has a different idea:

This year, on February 12, instead of celebrating Darwin’s anti-God religion, we can take this opportunity to show the world that Darwin’s ideas about our supposed evolutionary origins were wrong, and that God’s Word is true, from the very beginning. Let’s make February 12 Darwin Was Wrong Day and point people to the truth of God’s Word.


And how is that campaign going?

Well, people on Twitter are talking all about what’s going to happen on that day:

Yes, on #DarwinWasWrongDay, we can all laugh at Ken Ham while eating a banana.

It’ll be glorious.

Feel free to add in your own theories.

(Top image via Sergey Goryachev / Shutterstock.com)

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