Muslim Leader Is Pissed Over Interfaith Campaign That Shows a Muslim Woman Saying “I Love Hindus” February 8, 2015

Muslim Leader Is Pissed Over Interfaith Campaign That Shows a Muslim Woman Saying “I Love Hindus”

Expressing love is dangerous, subversive stuff to some believers.

An “I’m Muslim, I love Hindus” campaign by the Young Interfaith Peacemaker Community of Indonesia (YIPCI) is a veiled attempt at pushing for religious equality in Muslim-majority Malaysia, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) has alleged.

‘Cause fuck religious equality, right?

ISMA information chief Mohd Hazizi Ab Rahman took issue with a photograph of a YIPCI representative, who appears to be a Muslim female clad in a headscarf, holding up a placard that read “I’m a Muslim, I love Hindus” — saying that this could erode the faith of Muslims in the country.

“The conviction of Muslims that Islam is the only true religion is being blamed as the reason behind racial discord and the cause of disharmony,” said Mohd Hazizi in a statement published yesterday on “The baseless accusations have been successful in convincing a group of Muslims to feel guilty and to be apologetic over something that does not exist and to get involved in campaigns that could destroy their faith,” he added, referring to the Indonesian group’s interfaith initiative. …

Mohd Hazizi said that such campaigns, which claimed to push for multi-religious harmony are largely backed by foreign funders to convince Muslims that other religions are equal to Islam. He did not provide evidence to back up his allegations.

Offer love, reap hate. Practitioners of all One True Religions often seem to excel at the latter a lot more than at the former.

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