China Announces It Will Crack Down on “Religious Addicts” Trying To Enter the Party February 4, 2015

China Announces It Will Crack Down on “Religious Addicts” Trying To Enter the Party

It’s just not a real party until you throw out the religious addicts, amirite?

But seriously: For all its political and economic progress of the last 20 years, China is still dishearteningly uncomfortable with freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. Every once in a while, Beijing’s bureaucracy experiences a revolutionary spasm that seems like a throwback to the Mao days. Take this:

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has barred religious believers from joining the Party, declaring that it will step up its implementation of a long-standing rule prohibiting  religious ‘addicts’ from entering China’s ruling party.

Reports said China’s latest move comes in the wake of the widely reported efforts of Chinese authorities to strengthen the Party’s ideological values and standing in Chinese universities and various media entities.

The CCP leadership of Zhejiang province has reportedly started implementing the ban against members of the faith from joining its ranks, which according to one Party-affiliated university, was a move to guard against ‘penetration of western hostile forces.’

Someone notify Bill O’Reilly:

Chinese students in universities have staged rallies recently, wanting to put a stop to the celebration of Christmas festivities on Chinese campuses, a move that was supported by Zhejiang authorities.

We’re two weeks away from Chinese New Year. I promise President Xi Jinping that America’s constabulary and ruling classes are perfectly fine with the accompanying celebrations in dozens of U.S. cities.

Mr. Xi, tear down that wall.

Oops, sorry, wrong communist dictatorship.

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