Jesus Will Be Pissed If Christian Women Go See Fifty Shades of Grey February 3, 2015

Jesus Will Be Pissed If Christian Women Go See Fifty Shades of Grey

Carmen Miller, who co-founded the “God Over Porn” ministry, is shocked — shocked! — that Christian women are getting excited about the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. She wants them all to know how upset God will be if they choose to watch it:


… I have an honest question to ask you “godly” women. Would you watch this movie with Jesus sitting next to you? Seriously. Would it be just a movie then?

Pornography is considered to be more addictive than crack cocaine, because cocaine can be excreted from the body. Pornographic and sexual images cannot. Those explicit and lustful images neurochemically and permanently stay with a person, forever.

So before you take your husband to watch FSOG consider this; If you get back home and have wild and passionate sex after the movie, how would you feel in knowing that he was turned on by from watching another woman have sex, and not from being turned on by his own wife.

That my dear, is adultery! And to think… you allowed it.

All of that makes perfect sense… for people who need to consult a psychic before making important decisions.

Miller’s post highlights one of the biggest problems with religion: thought-crimes are sometimes considered major sins. I dare you to find anyone who hasn’t been turned on by someone else before sex — including happily married couples. It’s not a problem.

Miller also states:

God created sex to be fun, intimate, sexy, inviting, steamy, etc… with your spouse in the context of marriage… It is God’s will that we enjoy our marriage and enjoy having sex with our spouse. There is no need to go and pay for filth to attempt to spice up your life.

So… would Fifty Shades have been okay if it featured a married couple? Is Miller aware that many couples watch porn while they’re with each other? Does she know that sex is a natural product of evolution and not “created” by anyone? (Okay, obviously not with that last one.)

Here’s a new idea for Christian women: If you want to see the movie, go see the movie. Just don’t take Miller with you or all the fun will be sucked right out of it.

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