South Carolina Legislator Asks Potential Judges for Their Views on Gays, Guns, and God Before He Can Vote for Them January 31, 2015

South Carolina Legislator Asks Potential Judges for Their Views on Gays, Guns, and God Before He Can Vote for Them

Newly-elected South Carolina state Rep. Jonathon Hill (below) has a few questions he’d like potential judges to answer before he can vote to confirm them.

Simple questions, really.

He just wants to make sure they’re conservative and Christian. Otherwise, I’m not sure what he’s doing asking them any of these things:

2. What religious or community organizations are you actively involved in, if any?

10. Will you make prayer and religious displays (such as the Ten Commandments) a part of your court? Please explain why or why not.

20. In a case where someone was assaulted because he was gay, would you consider it a “hate crime” and increase the penalty?

24. Would you perform a homosexual marriage, either voluntarily or involuntarily?

None of the judicial candidates have responded to him so far — and I hope they don’t. These questions are beneath them. Hill’s colleagues agreed and everyone had to do damage control after he sent out the questionnaire:

Hill said staffers of the state Judicial Merit Selection Commission called him and told him some of the questions were “problematic,” given the Code of Judicial Conduct that would-be judges have to operate under.

Staffers also sent an email to the candidates letting them know that Hill had been told they were unable to answer most of the questions.

“You live and learn,” said Hill, a 29-year-old Anderson businessman and freshman legislator. “Maybe next year I’ll be in a better position to — if I put out a questionnaire — to craft it in a way that would work a little bit better.”

Unless it involves scrapping the whole thing, he should try studying the state and federal Constitution instead of just working off the talking points of right-wing pastors.

But you know what? This guy, who clearly has no clue what he’s doing, got elected to public office. Unless we’re promoting and voting for candidates who respect civil rights and church/state separation, we’ll see more of this and only have ourselves to blame.

(Thanks to John for the link)

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