There’s Now a Prayer Room in the Kansas State Capitol Building January 30, 2015

There’s Now a Prayer Room in the Kansas State Capitol Building

Kansas has just given up on doing anything useful, I guess, which is why the State Capitol building now has a prayer room. They’re calling it the “Capitol Meditation Room,” but the initial (rejected) proposal in 2012 was to create a chapel. This is a slightly watered-down version, even though the purpose is the same:

Might as well just add a cross to this place

The House Federal and State Affairs Committee endorsed by voice vote House Bill 2075, which would place into law a mandate that Room 221-E be reserved as a special place for contemplation.

In the targeted room on Tuesday, paintings and pictures depicted Jesus praying, the arc of covenant, George Washington in prayer and Moses’ burning bush. The image of Jesus had been removed by Wednesday.

A bookshelf in the room Thursday contained an edition of the Holy Bible and copies of “America’s War on Christianity” and “What Makes God Cry the Most: Things You Really Should Know About Abortion.”

“There were no other holy books,” said Rep. Annie Tietze, a Topeka Democrat who voted against the bill. “We represent the state of Kansas and many people of different beliefs. The Capitol is the peoples’ building and we should represent them.”

Maybe now they can meditate on how shitty the state’s financial outlook is

By the way, note the unbelievable hypocrisy in having a book called America’s War on Christianity in the room where Christian politicians can now gather to pray. It takes a special kind of person to say “I’m oppressed” while sitting down in the special room created for him to worship his God.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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