Atheist Billboard in Alabama Gets Taken Down Two Weeks Early Following Complaints from Local Residents January 30, 2015

Atheist Billboard in Alabama Gets Taken Down Two Weeks Early Following Complaints from Local Residents

Earlier this month, the following billboard went up in Mobile, Alabama (along with other billboards in two other cities) to mark the launch of the Gulf Coast Coalition of Reason:

While the contract said the billboard would be up for a month beginning around Christmas, the placement of that ad was actually delayed by two weeks.

Delays happen. So the simple solution would be to keep the billboard up for an extra two weeks to make up for the lost time, right?

That’s not what Lamar Advertising is doing. They’re taking the billboard down now, as the contract originally stated, even though it hasn’t been up for a full four weeks:

[Jason] Heap [of the United Coalition of Reason] said that he was told that Lamar had received a large amount of complaints about the billboard and that he questioned the motivation to take the billboard down.

“By contractual obligations, they are required to give us a full four weeks,” said Heap.

Tatum said that Lamar has a plan on the table to make-due with the Coalition of Reason but that the advertising company hasn’t heard from the group.

“They just want to start a fight,” [Troy Tatum, vice-president of Lamar Advertising in Mobile] said.

It’s not about a fight; the options on the table just aren’t good ones.

Lamar has offered to give United CoR half their money back — but that’s money that was supposed to help the local atheist groups, so it wouldn’t do any good in United CoR’s bank account.

There’s also the option of putting up a billboard with a different message, but that’s not fair to anybody, especially since the current sign is so innocuous. Plus, it’s not like the Christians complaining will suddenly be A-OK with a different godless message…

Lamar should just do the right thing and put the current billboard back up for another two weeks. So what if locals are complaining? That’s their problem; the atheists didn’t do anything wrong.

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