The New York Times Explains Islamic Moderation January 27, 2015

The New York Times Explains Islamic Moderation

Over at, a site dedicated to calling out the New York Times‘ blind spots and biases, a reader suggested that this Times article, headlined, “Experts See Signs of Moderation Despite Houthis’ Harsh Slogans,” may be “the New York Timesiest thing ever written.”

AMMAN, Jordan — At first glance the official slogan and emblem of the Houthis, who are now the dominant force in Yemen, does not offer much hope to American policy makers.

It includes the words “Death to America, death to Israel, damnation to the Jews.” Houthis shout it when they march, wear it on arm patches, paint it on buildings and stick it onto their car windows. When pictured, those words are rendered in red, framed by “God is great” and “Victory to Islam” in green, on a white background. Sometimes the red words are shown dripping blood.

But don’t worry:

For all their harsh sloganeering, the Houthis may be a lot more moderate than it suggests, according to many diplomats and analysts…

(Thanks to Walter for the link)
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