Christians Were Offended By This Atheist Billboard Message? January 27, 2015

Christians Were Offended By This Atheist Billboard Message?

Last week, I posted about a billboard in Riverside, California put up by the Inland Empire Coalition of Reason:

Turns out some locals were very unhappy by that message even though it was aimed at non-religious people:

CBS2/KCAL9’s Adrianna Weingold spoke to a number of people who found the sign offensive.

“I’d have them take it down, because God’s real,” Colton resident Benjamin Hall said.

Is that all it takes to remove a billboard? Disagreement? Because Christians put up *way* more billboards than we do and I don’t like any of their messages…

Resident Cyndi Bulger doesn’t want it in Colton either: “Everybody’s an individual, so you shouldn’t be told how you should think or what you should believe.”

As soon as she says that to a pastor, I’ll start taking her seriously.

These comments are just silly — and they show how unnerving these harmless billboard messages can really be. That’s why I appreciate these campaigns. They show how fragile religious beliefs are. All you have to do is start challenging them, even mildly, and that façade starts to crumble.

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