Catholic Priest Who Said It’s a Sin to Vote for Obama Bans Girls from Acting as Altar Servers January 27, 2015

Catholic Priest Who Said It’s a Sin to Vote for Obama Bans Girls from Acting as Altar Servers

Somehow, a Catholic priest found a way to treat women even worse than the Church already does:

A Catholic priest, new to San Francisco and no stranger to controversy, has banned girls from acting as altar servers at Mass, a decision that sets his parish apart from all others in the archdiocese.

The Rev. Joseph Illo, pastor at Star of the Sea Church since August, said he believes there is an “intrinsic connection” between the priesthood and serving at the altar — and because women can’t be priests, it makes sense to have only altar boys.

There’s something a little creepy about a priest getting rid of the girls so only the little boys remain…

This isn’t Illo’s first unpopular decision, by the way:

In 2008, as a Modesto priest, he said that voting for Barack Obama, who supports abortion rights, required a trip to the confessional.

“Voting for a candidate who promises ‘abortion rights,’ even if he promises every other good thing, is voting for abortion,” Illo wrote in a letter to parishioners. “It is a grave mistake and probably a grave sin.”

I go back and forth between wishing one of his superiors would tell him to stop acting this way… and hoping more pastors would follow his lead. After all, those girls now have another reason to get the hell out of the Church. Maybe some of those boys will follow.

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