Mike Huckabee Mocks Climate Change: “A Beheading is a Far Greater Threat to an American Than a Sunburn” January 25, 2015

Mike Huckabee Mocks Climate Change: “A Beheading is a Far Greater Threat to an American Than a Sunburn”

At the Iowa Freedom Summit yesterday, potential Republican presidential nominee Mike Huckabee mocked President Obama‘s focus on climate change and suggested he wasn’t doing anything serious to combat the *real* problem we face:

Not to diminish anything about the climate at all, but Mr. President, I believe that most of us would think that a beheading is a far greater threat to an American than a sunburn. I wish he understood that we have a real enemy…

In other words, he diminished the impact of climate change and overstated the Islamic threat we face in America.

Think Progress notes that the threat environmental threat is far more serious than a sunburn:

… scientists from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warn of irreversible” environmental and economic impacts throughout the world if climate change is not mitigated, including sea level rise, more extreme floods, heat waves, and droughts, and increased violent conflict in the areas most affected.

Huckabee seems to live in this weird bubble where a President can only focus on one problem at a time, and saying there’s a threat over here automatically means he’s ignoring the threat over there. As if a leader can’t handle multiple crises at once.

The response from his audience, as expected, was laughter. Because they enjoy living in ignorance as much as Huckabee does.

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