Lawrence Krauss Debunks Eric Metaxas’ Fine-Tuning Argument on the New Yorker‘s Website January 25, 2015

Lawrence Krauss Debunks Eric Metaxas’ Fine-Tuning Argument on the New Yorker‘s Website

A month after Christian author Eric Metaxas embarrassing piece in the pages of the The Wall Street Journal saying that science proved God — which was his way of pushing the awful fine-tuning argument — physicist Lawrence Krauss has a thorough rebuttal on the New Yorker‘s website:


The author of the piece, Eric Metaxas, is not himself a scientist. Rather, he’s a writer and a TV host, and the article was a not-so-thinly-veiled attempt to resurrect the notion of intelligent design, which gives religious arguments the veneer of science — this time in a cosmological context

… both believers and non-believers are done a huge disservice when people promulgate biased and disingenuous claims that distort what current science implies and can imply about the universe. In a society in which the understanding of science is already marginal — and where, at the same time, the continued health of modern society as it meets the challenges of the twenty-first century depends, in some sense, on our ability to utilize our scientific knowledge, both to create new technologies and to help guide rational public policies — this is the last thing we need.

You can read the full piece here.

I doubt Metaxas will respond since he’s in the middle of convincing everyone that miracles are totally real.

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