Religious Bickering Between Loving Parents January 23, 2015

Religious Bickering Between Loving Parents

Deepak Singh (below) grew up with a Hindu mom and an atheist dad and their conversations — in jest more than in argument — are very entertaining:

“What god are you worshipping today?” he asks my mother every morning.

“What does it matter you?” she responds.

“Make sure you don’t feed all the sweets to Shiva,” he says. “He might get diabetic.”

“You should worry about your own diabetes,” she tells him.

Growing up with a pious mother and a nonbeliever father, I didn’t know how to feel about religion. Sometimes I wished my father wouldn’t hurt my mother’s feelings by ridiculing her for being religious. But I also wished my mother didn’t try to make my father feel guilty for his beliefs.

But for the most part, their arguments over religion are good-natured — something we could all learn from these days.

My parents aren’t Hindu, but that sounds like a lot of the banter we’ve had over the years, too. Loving but pointed.

(Image via Twitter)

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