Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Files Three of Most Bigoted Anti-Gay Bills You’ll Ever See January 23, 2015

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Files Three of Most Bigoted Anti-Gay Bills You’ll Ever See

Several years ago, Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (below) made headlines when she said that homosexuality was a bigger threat to our nation than terrorism.

And wouldn’t you know it: She’s just filed three separate bills to make life harder for LGBT individuals… and anyone with a sense of human decency.

House Bill 1597 would make it legal for businesses to flat-out refuse service to LGBT people:

No business entity shall be required to provide any services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods or privileges related to any lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person, group or association.

House Bill 1598 would make it legal for parents to put their kids through gay-conversion therapy without the state getting in the way:

The people of this state have the right to seek and obtain counseling or conversion therapy from a mental health provider in order to control or end any unwanted sexual attraction, and no state agency shall infringe upon that right. Parents may obtain such counseling or therapy for their children under eighteen (18) years of age without interference by the state.

And House Bill 1599 would make it illegal for the state to use any taxpayer money to support same-sex unions (or give out marriage licenses to gay or lesbian couples):

No taxpayer funds or governmental salaries shall be paid for any activity that includes the licensing or support of same-sex marriage. No employee of this state and no employee of any local governmental entity shall officially recognize, grant or enforce a same-sex marriage license and continue to receive a salary, pension or other employee benefit at the expense of taxpayers of this state. No taxes or public funds of this state shall be spent enforcing any court order requiring the issuance or recognition of a same-sex marriage license.

While these bills have little chance of passing, even in Oklahoma, or withstanding legal challenges, they suggest that anti-gay bigotry is still alive and well in positions of power. This is what Christian bigotry looks like. This is so far beyond refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding; this is refusing to seat members of a local pride group at a restaurant.

How anyone could still vote for Kern or think she’s on the right track is appalling. But too many Christians feel the exact same way she does.

If you live in Oklahoma, please put pressure on your elected representatives to publicly denounce these bills as well as the mindset that leads to them. And if you’d like to send an email or call Kern’s office to complain, you can find her information here.

The legislature will reconvene on Feb. 2 and discuss these bills (and others) at that time.

(Thanks to Rick for the link)

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