Arrests Made After Heroin-Laced Bible Sent to Prison Inmate January 19, 2015

Arrests Made After Heroin-Laced Bible Sent to Prison Inmate

Well, I think we’ve found another example of Christian persecution in this country (you listening, Todd Starnes?): a prisoner’s Bible has been seized by Hamilton County (Ohio) prison officials. And — it gets worse — both the prisoner and the woman who sent it to him are facing charges.

Did I mention, that Bible was laced with a dose of heroin sufficient to kill someone? Okay, so maybe not persecution after all. (Don’t worry, Starnes. I’m sure one of these stories will pan out, someday).

Cincinnati’s WLWT reports:

Investigators said a Bible was sent to the jail by Tehani Teepe, 39, for Timothy King, 28. Both were arrested after heroin was found by Deputy Jason Elliot and his K-9 Kree.

Lab tests confirmed that the Bible was indeed laced with heroin — on page 420, in a small spot described as looking like a “stain.” As reporter Brian Hamrick notes, this particular delivery system is very risky, as the dose is determined by how much paper the user tears off and consumes: if the piece is too large, he or she can overdose.

As to using the Bible as means of smuggling drugs, Chief Deputy Mark Schoonover describes it as “very inventive.” Unfortunately for the Teepe and King, however, their creative ploy is a third degree felony offense and can carry a prison term of up to five years.

The smugglers might be hoping for a lenient judge, but seeing as how the prison has been dealing with a rash of heroin abuse — including a recent inmate death by overdose — I’d venture that, at this point, they haven’t got a prayer.

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