“Peeping Don” Pastor Who Resigned From Church Over Digital Voyeurism Now Faces Burglary Charges, Too January 18, 2015

“Peeping Don” Pastor Who Resigned From Church Over Digital Voyeurism Now Faces Burglary Charges, Too

Maybe ex-pastor Donald Courtney Biggs, freshly accused of sneakily videotaping a nude or partially nude woman, can trade war stories with ex-rabbi Barry Freundel, who made a habit of that kind of thing.

A former pastor at a church in Medford [Oregon] stands accused of secretly videotaping an adult female “in a state of undress” without her consent, Medford police said. …

The Medford Police Department in November launched an investigation into “inappropriate texting” between Biggs and a 14-year-old female, officials said. He knew the girl from Mountain Church, where Biggs worked as an administrative pastor and oversaw the youth program, according to police.

Detectives then found that Biggs had secretly taken a video of an adult woman at his home, authorities said. Biggs was placed on administrative leave, and he resigned from the church, officials said.

And then Biggs threw a little burglary into the mix, aiming to steal hard drives from the church that had employed him, police allege.

Medford police said they responded on Jan. 12 to an alarm at the church and observed wet footprints but could not find anyone inside, and employees did not report any property missing. Detectives interviewed Biggs on Jan. 15 and then executed a search warrant on his home, authorities said. They believe he was responsible for the burglary at the church and confirmed that he secretly recorded the adult woman at his home, according to police.

Authorities said there have been more allegations that Biggs unlawfully recorded other females, some of them underage, without their consent at various Jackson County locations. The case remains under investigation.

In Biggs’ defense, there’s nothing in the Bible about using video devices to secretly record naked ladies.

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