Colton Burpo: Even Though That Other Kid Lied About Going to Heaven, “I Stand By My Story” January 18, 2015

Colton Burpo: Even Though That Other Kid Lied About Going to Heaven, “I Stand By My Story”

Now that Alex Malarkey has admitted that his 2010 book The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven was fictional, another “Heaven-goer” is rushing to defend the genre.

In a statement posted to his website, Colton Burpo, the subject of Heaven is for Real, says that his story is totally true:

I know there has been a lot of talk about the truth of other Heaven stories in the past few days. I just wanted to take a second and let everyone know that I stand by my story found in my book Heaven is for Real. I still remember my experience in Heaven. I want to keep telling people about my experience because it has given hope to so many people.

People may have their doubts about my story, but the thing is, I wasn’t coaxed into doing this. I wanted to tell people about my experience. In fact, I started sharing my story with my friends and people in our town way before there was a book called Heaven is for Real.

In other words, I still believe wholeheartedly in my delusion, so keep buying my book and giving my family money.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eben Alexander (whose book Proof of Heaven sells the same story) hasn’t made any public statements on the matter. The less attention he can draw to the nonsense in his story, the better.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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