Attacks Against Euro-Muslims Spread; Meanwhile, a Dutch Muslim Mayor Tells Violent Islamists to “Get the Fuck Out” January 16, 2015

Attacks Against Euro-Muslims Spread; Meanwhile, a Dutch Muslim Mayor Tells Violent Islamists to “Get the Fuck Out”

There are no excuses for violent barbarity against Muslims.

Abdallah Zekri, head of the National Observatory Against Islamophobia, said that since last Wednesday’s massacre at Charlie Hebdo, 26 places of worship around France were attacked by firebombs, gunshots or pig heads, with a mosque in Le Mans hit with four grenades. There were 34 insults and threats.

Small caveat: Insults and threats are not nearly the same, of course; a little more reportorial precision is needed.

In the Netherlands, Muslim groups and the government met Friday and said they plan to register anti-Muslim incidents. A burning object was thrown at a mosque in Vlaardingen, on the outskirts of Rotterdam.

Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, the Netherlands’s second-largest city, has condemned that attack, but neither is he inclined to gloss over the violence from his fellow Muslims. The other day, in an interview on Dutch TV, Aboutaleb, the left-leaning son of a rural Moroccan imam, said:

If you don’t like it here because you take offense to humorists making a newspaper together, then — may I put it this way? — you can get the fuck out.

Compare that to the mealy-mouthed words of French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, who pulled out the never-ending, full-blown “No True Muslim” fallacy.

The terrorists’ religion is not Islam, which they are betraying. It’s barbarity.” To make the point stick, [Fabius] said he doesn’t want the word “Islamist” used to describe the killers. “I call that terrorists,” he said this week on iTele, explaining he doesn’t want to link terrorists with those who practice their “religion of peace.

According to Vox, the attacks on Muslim targets in Europe

… have been relatively small-scale, especially compared to the Charlie Hebdo massacre and subsequent violence committed by its apparent culprits.

But each one is one too many. Violent tit-for-tat is not only criminal, it solves exactly nothing.

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