Secular Groups Send Money to Charlie Hebdo in a Show of Solidarity January 15, 2015

Secular Groups Send Money to Charlie Hebdo in a Show of Solidarity

In response to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the Freedom From Religion Foundation just sent the staff a donation of $20,000:

“FFRF created an Atheists in Foxholes Support Fund in 2012 to provide a show of support for activists who find themselves in the crossfire as ‘atheists in foxholes,'” Gaylor added. “We never imagined atheists would so literally be in the crossfire.”

“We’ll leave it to Charlie Hebdo to use this gift where it’s most needed, whether to aid victims’ surviving families, for security or whatever the magazine deems necessary,” Gaylor said.

Donations earmarked as “Atheists in Foxholes Support Fund” will continue to go to the magazine.

The American Humanist Association also sent along $10,000, announcing that Charlie would be the first recipient of a new award:

The American Humanist Association is proud to announce the establishment of a new award, the Henry Zumach Award for Freedom From Fundamentalist Religion, to recognize individuals and organizations that have taken a stand against religious intolerance and bigotry. The award, generously funded by Henry Zumach of Stoddard, Wisconsin, has pledged $10,000 (€8,467) to its first recipient, Charlie Hebdo, the French satire magazine recently attacked by Islamic extremists for its cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad.

“The purpose of this award is to fight against religious fundamentalism and promote reason and equality for all people,” said Henry Zumach, who is also the founder of the La Crosse Area Freethought Society. “With its continuing commitment to freedom of expression in the face of extreme religion-based hostility, Charlie Hebdo exemplifies the essence of this award.”

I applaud the groups for their donations. The fight for freedom of expression and the ability to criticize the sacred cows of others is one we’re all in together. If one group is under attack, we all are.

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