Kirk Cameron is Now Selling Coffee… to Save Christmas! January 14, 2015

Kirk Cameron is Now Selling Coffee… to Save Christmas!

In an apparent promotional tie to his movie, Kirk Cameron is selling Saving Christmas Blend coffee:

So behold, the limited edition Saving Christmas Blend from your friend, Kirk Cameron. Whether you’re staying up late to wrap presents or waking up early to open them, singing carols to your neighbors on a cold winter night or trading stories with your family by the firelight, we guarantee our Saving Christmas Blend will fit right in.

And by savoring Saving Christmas, you’re also making a statement to the world: there is no Christmas without Christ.

Well, if it’s as good as his movie… you should all stay far, far away from this.

I apologize for not telling you about this before Christmas. We all missed out on the perfect gag gift. I mean, c’mon, the tag line is literally “Brew every day like you are saving Christmas.”

(via Right Wing Watch)

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