Once Again, Vandals Ruin an Atheist Group’s Adopt-a-Highway Sign January 13, 2015

Once Again, Vandals Ruin an Atheist Group’s Adopt-a-Highway Sign

For a couple of years now, the Atheists of Butte County (in California) have adopted a highway and cleaned up their two-mile stretch of Highway 99.

And it seems that vandals are always on their trail, making minor alterations to their official signs.

In 2013, someone stuck the word “PRAY” to their post:

Last August, someone put stickers on the sign saying “God Loves”… (because I guess God loves damaging property):

And now, it’s happened again. Someone wrote “Pray For” on the sign with arrows pointing to the group’s name:

There’s not much you can do to prevent something like this, but I’m sure that CalTrans, which runs the Adopt-a-Highway program, will replace the sign as they have before.

The Butte County Coalition of Reason reiterated that they’re not going anywhere in response to the vandalism:

“We are more committed more than ever to being part of our community and letting all non-believers, free thinkers, agnostics and atheists know that we are here as their organization,” said George Gold, Coordinator of the Butte County Coalition of Reason.

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