Catholic Priest Tells Congregation He’s Gay and Receives a Standing Ovation, but What Will He Do Now? January 10, 2015

Catholic Priest Tells Congregation He’s Gay and Receives a Standing Ovation, but What Will He Do Now?

In Dublin, Ireland, where a referendum on gay marriage will be taking place this May, Father Martin Dolan of the Church of St Nicholas of Myra told his congregation on Saturday night (and Sunday morning) that he was gay:

[Community youth worker Liz] O’Connor echoed the sentiments of the congregation saying she would not want to see Dolan leave his parish after 15 years.

She said, “I wouldn’t like to see him being moved for the statement he made. That would be horrendous. He should be supported. He has done nothing wrong. If he’s moved, there would be uproar in this parish. He’s still the same man today…”

He received a standing ovation after his revelation.

Like so many others, I applaud Dolan on his bravery. That couldn’t have been easy for him to do and he deserves credit for taking a step that might give members of his Church the courage to do the same thing.

That said, we have to remember where the Catholic Church stands on this issue, certainly now more than ever before.

Church leaders are insistent that being gay isn’t a problem. But acting on one’s homosexuality still is.

This is the slightly-better-than-the-evangelical-church-but-still-pretty-damn-awful homophobia of the Catholic Church.

They won’t punish him at all for coming out as gay. But the second he’s in a same-sex relationship, or gets married to his partner, or has sex with a man, he’ll be out of a job — and not even Pope Francis will come to his side at that point.

I only wish his statement would’ve been, “I’m gay myself. And for that reason, I can’t support this institution any longer.”

(Thanks to GodVlogger for the link)

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