God Didn’t Create That Special Snowflake January 8, 2015

God Didn’t Create That Special Snowflake

Here’s a perfect example of Christian rhetoric that’s so incredibly condescending and ignorant, I’m amazed that grown human adults continue to perpetuate it.


I present popular Christian writer/blogger Jon Acuff writing about snowflakes:

I’m struck by the fact that each snowflake is completely unique, but they didn’t have to be. They could have been boring.

But they’re not.

Snowflakes are tiny pieces of disposable art.

The world didn’t have to be amazing, but it is. Why? Because we have an amazing God.

Yes, God hand-crafted all of those snowflakes to be beautiful…

Here’s a more realistic explanation for how snowflakes form:

Snowflakes are ice crystals that form in clouds when the air temperature up there gets below freezing. Water molecules are in the air as a gas called water vapor. In the cloud, these molecules come out of the air and stick together.

In any crystal, molecules are lined up in some special way so that their atoms are arranged in a pattern. In an ice crystal, water molecules line up and form six-sided figures, or hexagons. That explains why all snowflakes have a six-pointed structure.

Snowflakes are also known for having great variety in their structures. This is because each ice crystal forms as it falls through layers of air. Each layer has a slightly different temperature and a little more or less water available for adding to the crystal structure. Ice crystals form differently in these various kinds of air.

I got that from the magazine Highlights for Children. Crazy how they left God out of the explanation, isn’t it?

But that’s the difference between understanding how nature works and making up some bullshit explanation to fit into your narrow worldview.

There are Christians who will try to reconcile the two explanations by saying God put all that science into motion — but that’s the same sort of fairy tale that you’re supposed to grow out of by the time you’re 8. The science makes perfect sense without God. He’s unnecessary, so stop giving him credit where it isn’t due.

Or, if you’re going to thank God for snowflakes, at least be consistent and thank Him for the beauty of every hurricane, tornado, earthquake, and windchill-is-below-zero-and-I’ll-get-frostbite-if-I-go-outside day.


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