Newspaper Reader Complains About Atheism Story in Religion Section January 7, 2015

Newspaper Reader Complains About Atheism Story in Religion Section

I love letters to the editor because they often showcase the ignorance of the community, and Ann Ludlow’s letter in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is a perfect example.

She’s very unhappy that the Religion section covered the announcement from Ryan Bell that he no longer believes in God:

I fail to see the purpose of the article… on the so-called Religion page

So he became an atheist after spending 2014 trying to figure out who God is. Do you think your readers really care about this? His decision to become an atheist is his business and probably doesn’t interest a large percentage of the Post-Dispatch readers.

Why was this article on the religion page? Maybe atheism is considered a religion; however, I don’t think it is, because the definition of religion is “the service and worship of God or devotion to and observance of religious faith.”

It’s covered in the Religion section because it’s a story about religion, involving someone who finally shed his faith. It’s in the Religion section for the same reason the Sports section (and not the Business section) might cover an athlete’s new multi-million-dollar contract.

I guess I’m just amused by the notion that Ludlow read the article and saw fit to inform the editors that they don’t know what they’re doing by putting an article about religion in the Religion section.

I’m sure the editors very busy right now composing their apology to her.

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