How the Terrorist Attacks Hurt Muslim Nations Everywhere January 7, 2015

How the Terrorist Attacks Hurt Muslim Nations Everywhere

Scott Gilmore at Maclean’s juxtaposes today’s acts of terrorism with the International Space Station and explains that the acts of “vengeance” like we saw at Charlie Hebdo‘s offices today leave the Muslim world in even more disarray:

“The Koran is crap; it doesn’t stop bullets.”

The twin towers. Subways in London. A nightclub in Bali. A memorial in Ottawa. A café in Sydney. A magazine in Paris. None of these attacks avenged the Prophet. They diminished him. None of these attacks defended Islam. They marginalized it. Incrementally, one after another, they have forced us to treat Islamic nations as problems, not partners. Governments around the world — Australia, China, Russia, France, the United States — now see Muslim nations as places that must be contained, sidelined and neutralized. Partners in a space program? No. Impossible.

… Islamist terror has achieved nothing but to weaken and isolate Islam. Will these attacks eventually end, as the zealots realize what they have wrought? Or have we now passed the tipping point, where Islamic culture can only continue to self-destructively spiral inward? I can’t offer a prediction. But mankind is now in space, and we didn’t bring the Muslim world with us.

If more Muslim-majority nations would unequivocally condemn these acts — and defend the rights of cartoonists and satirists and critics of Islam — that might be a step in the right direction. But far too many moderates are silent when it comes to even simple acts of solidarity like reposting these images online — or even declaring their support of free speech, including speech that targets their beliefs.

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