Conservative Catholic Hopes LGBT Community Respects Anti-Gay Christians if Marriage Equality Goes National January 6, 2015

Conservative Catholic Hopes LGBT Community Respects Anti-Gay Christians if Marriage Equality Goes National

I was reading Jonathan Merritt‘s column yesterday about how evangelical Christians might respond next year if the Supreme Court decides that gay marriage should be legal everywhere, and one quotation really stood out.

It comes from Heritage Foundation fellow Ryan Anderson, a Roman Catholic, who’s talking about how conservative Christians might react to that news:

“We’ll have to see how gracious or vindictive voices within the LGBT community are in their responses,” Anderson said. “Will they become a live-and-let-live movement or a stamp-out-dissent movement? If there’s respect, there’s likely to be less pushback from conservatives.

It’s just laughable to think of Christians worrying about LGBT individuals and allies taking away their right to be bigots. As if that’s ever been a problem before. And just look at the audacity of a conservative Christian — someone whose tribe has ruined plenty of LGBT lives in the name of Jesus — suggesting that the other side better not be “vindictive.”

Don’t worry. We’re not the oppressors. We never have been. At worst, Christian bakers might have to accept the money of a gay couple. I know… the horror.

(While we’re at it, does anyone really think that if LGBT people treat Christians with respect, they’ll get that same respect back in return? Of course not.)

Marriage equality has always been about government’s role in the matter. It’s not about what churches do. No one’s trying to force pastors to perform gay weddings against their will.

There will always be a push for evangelical Christians to come to their senses on this issue, but it won’t be a legal fight anymore. Everyone else will have moved on. Evangelical church leaders will just remain relics of a more bigoted past. It’ll be up to young Christians — the ones who are left, anyway — to steer their churches in the right direction.

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