Atheist Billboards Go Up in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi January 6, 2015

Atheist Billboards Go Up in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi

Today, four different billboards are going up in the cities of Pensacola, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; and Gulfport, Mississippi to mark the launch of the Gulf Coast Coalition of Reason, made up of fifteen separate organizations:

Reaching out to the like-minded isn’t the only goal of the effort. “We want people to know that nontheistic folks like us are a regular part of communities all over the area,” said Amanda Scott, a co-coordinator for Gulf Coast CoR. “Nontheists are your friends and neighbors, your coworkers and family members.” Buz Ryland, co-coordinator, added, “We know there are thousands of us along the Gulf Coast and we want them to know we are here, and that they have a community where they can also be a part of doing good.”

The billboards, which will be up for a month (through Christmas and New Years), cost $11,000 and were funded by the United Coalition of Reason, a group that has now placed signs in 37 states in addition to the District of Columbia.

Even though the messages are harmless, I have no doubt they’ll ruffle feathers all along the coast. Which is precisely why these billboards are needed.

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