Winfield (Alabama) City Council Declares God “Owner” of the City January 5, 2015

Winfield (Alabama) City Council Declares God “Owner” of the City

Because the biggest problem with our nation is that it’s not religious enough, Winfield, Alabama Mayor Randy Price (below) requested that the local city council make amends on that front.


To that end, check out what they did, according to an editorial in the Marion County Journal Record (behind a paywall):


… [Price] successfully pushed for the Winfield City Council to declare Winfield as a “City Under God” and that God is the “owner” of the city and that the city acknowledges Him.

… the hell?

Who are they even trying to impress? (I promise you God has better things to do than take over your city.)

The editorial continued:

Mind you, some of other religions — or no religions — might fuss, but if our coins can say, “In God We Trust,” we see no harm in acknowledging the Almighty at Christmas. We think that the whole fuss about cleaning God from the spector of public service has been much ado about nothing.

In the same vein, this resolution may not change the city, either, but it will not hurt. And, if anyone in Marion County deserves our thanks, it is Him, for all He has blessed us with.

At least, that’s how we feel.

How many errors can you spot in that passage? There’s the jump from ceremonial Deism on our currency to government endorsement of Christianity. There’s the admission that this is all pointless (even though, legally speaking, what they’re doing is unconstitutional). There’s the blatant lie about how people are removing God from the public square.

You can find contact information for the Mayor and City Council members here and let them know what you think about their decision (the official minutes from the last meeting are not yet available).

I’ve also informed FFRF about this.

(via Underbelly Ham — Thanks to @FreemanToday for the link)

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