After Plagiarism Charges, Atheist Blogger Removed from Freethought Blogs Network January 3, 2015

After Plagiarism Charges, Atheist Blogger Removed from Freethought Blogs Network

After the overwhelming amount of evidence suggesting rampant plagiarism on his site, Avicenna Last has been removed from Freethought Blogs.

Ed Brayton explains:

It is with great sadness that I announce that Avicenna Last of the A Million Gods blog has been removed from Freethought Blogs as a result of a long track record of plagiarism that we just became aware of…

Facts are facts, yes, but ethics are also ethics. I have strongly condemned such behavior on the part of Mark Driscoll, Chuck Missler and others and I have refused to accept the excuse that they were merely careless about attribution. And if it is wrong for others, it’s wrong here too. And with all the criticism I aim at those in the atheist community who behave tribally, applying different standards to those we consider our enemies than we do to our friends, I would be a highly unethical hypocrite if I did anything other than what we’ve done.

As I said, I am very sad about this. Despite all of this, I will continue to believe that Avicenna is a good and decent man who does more than his fair share to help other people. And I will continue to read what he has to say. But he cannot say it here any longer. Ethical consistency demands that much.

Ed and his committee took quick action on this once they realized the extent of the problem and I commend them for that.

And, once again, the credit for uncovering these instances of plagiarism goes to various commenters at the Slymepit forum.

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