Pastor Steven Anderson Releases Anti-Birth Control “Documentary” January 2, 2015

Pastor Steven Anderson Releases Anti-Birth Control “Documentary”

Pastor Steven Anderson unleashed a “documentary” last week about how AIDS is the “Judgment of God.” I said the film was “45 minutes of gay-bashing, bigotry, a man screaming at you between sermon clips, and “proof” that homosexuality is harmful.”

Now, he’s back with another 45-minute-long film about how birth control is evil because it kills babies. Even though the examples of birth control he mentions in the film, like Depo-Provera, prevent pregnancies from even happening — making the topic of abortion inapplicable and his claims of “manslaughter” and “murder” irrelevant.

Birth control is racist, you guys

What else do you expect from someone who makes a living denying science?

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