Quick Rebuttals to Common Christian Arguments January 1, 2015

Quick Rebuttals to Common Christian Arguments

Happy New Year! Might as well get off to a good start by arming yourself with some strong rebuttals against common arguments for God’s existence, courtesy of Richard Carrier:

(Edit: The original “clip” video we had is no longer available, but the full debate video is above. Obviously the timestamps below no longer apply!)

Some highlights:

0:28 “Spacetime had a beginning”
1:38 “The Universe is fine tuned for life”
3:43 “Life requires a creator”
5:20 “Consciousness requires a spirit/soul”
7:34 “God is needed for objective moral values”
9:07 “Jesus was resurrected”

You can see the full debate this clip is from right here.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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