Harlem Hate-Pastor “Debunks” Atheist Bill Maher By Saying There is an Afterlife Since We Can Leave Behind Legacies January 1, 2015

Harlem Hate-Pastor “Debunks” Atheist Bill Maher By Saying There is an Afterlife Since We Can Leave Behind Legacies

Harlem Pastor James David Manning — who’s famous for saying coffee at Starbucks contains the “semen of sodomites” and that LGBT individuals and those who support them should get “cancer HIV syphilis stroke madness the itch then hell” — is back with a rant against comedian Bill Maher.

Manning can’t spell his name. He doesn’t even know what channel Maher’s show is on. But he knows that Maher is wrong for believing there’s no life after death… since people can leave behind legacies.

Which I’m pretty sure Maher would agree with.

An actual still from the video. I don’t get it, either.

After going on a weird tangent about séances, Manning “refutes” Maher by claiming that, since we remember certain people long after they’re dead, there is indeed a kind of afterlife out there. Checkmate, atheists!

I don’t [believe in séances], but a lot of people believe that. But there is sense of spirit — spirituality — of your life, Bill Maher, even when you’re dead, you still have influence. You know, the influence of your mother or your grandmother or loved one. They’re dead now, but their spirit still lives in you. C’mon, talk to me Bill Maher. Talk to me! Talk to me! Talk to me! With your lying self.

I just wanted to debunk that heathen.

He didn’t “debunk that heathen” because Maher never said anything to the contrary. Of course you can leave behind a legacy. That doesn’t mean there’s a literal afterlife, or that the souls of the deceased are still out there, or that we have consciousness after death. I think every atheist out there would agree with Manning on that count.

Maher’s not going to talk to a raving lunatic, especially not when there’s nothing to debate.

If anything, Manning’s argument is all the more reason to make the most of this life and stop thinking that you’re just in a trial run for Heaven.

This is one of Manning’s problems. He lives in such a bubble, that he assumes those evil atheists must believe the opposite of whatever he does. He has no desire to actually talk to atheists — or Maher for that matter — because if he did, he would realize the size of the straw man he’s created.

Will anyone in Manning’s congregation challenge him on this — or explain to him that he’s just making a fool of himself? I doubt it. Manning doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would listen to anyone but himself.

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